Review of MooduMukkalloCheppalante

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MooduMukkalloCheppalante is a Telugu movie directed by MadhumitaSundararaman and released. SPB Charan produces this comedy Telugu movie SPB Charan. The movie started with a story in the hospital where Arjun was narrating his life story to Vishwanath. Arjun is a talented and aimless youngster. He kept on changing his job and wanted to have a life without any responsibility. He had lost his parents and was taken care of by his grandparents. His grandfather keeps on taunting him for having a careless attitude. His grandmother stays worried about him because of his attitude.

Review of MooduMukkalloCheppalante

Arjun and his best friend, Karna, left his job and wanted to start a new business. They both have met a frustrated IT employee in the club. He was frustrated and was angry with his Boss. Arjun and Karna went to his Boss’s house, scolded him, and then ran away. The next day Karna became worried, but Arjun motivated him to take the incident as the business. They both provide service through the internet and earn a lot. Both of the friends fell in love with IT professionals who were new in their locality. The rest of the movie revolves around the issues and challenges both friends faced while doing business.

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